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My Gary Damion Sullivan Applicant

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42 Eastview Close, Prenton, CH43 9YR

Why Map Applicant Data

It is a mandatory requirement to establish the “Right to Rent” status of any applicant who wishes to rent a property within the United Kingdom, failure to establish this through the applicants official documents will lead to fines of up to £3,000.
This legislation applies to UK nationals too, so don’t get caught out!

UKtenantdata have developed a mobile solution that takes care of the tenancy application process and immigration validation at the same time. Easy to use, you simply capture all your applicant data whilst at the property and submit application.

Firstly the software will ask you to input the applicant’s country of origin. The country of origin determines which immigration documents you need to scan for your applicant, then you simply scan the documents and the software validates the MRZ codes and extracts all the data. All the extracted data is then placed in your applicant’s rental application file along with the visa expiry dates which will be used to create expiry warnings in the future.

Supported Documents

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  • Passports Worldwide
  • UK Visas
  • EU Identity Cards
  • UK Biometric Residency Permits